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thought. Facts of common human experiences cannot be altered just because they happen to be labeled under different names, or because of a difference in the method of interpretation.


Today mankind apparently believes in one great religion or another, as also in one or all of the great principles, such as truth, peace, service, sacrifice, justice, equality and freedom. But how many are there that live up to these beliefs in this faith-shaken age?


In the world today there are scores of Christians, as there are of Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists. How many Christians are there that follow to the letter the core of Christ's teaching to "turn the other cheek," or to "love thy neighbor as thyself"? How many Muslims can claim to be truly followers of Mohammed's precept to "hold God above everything else"? How many Hindus "bear the torch of righteousness at all cost"? How many Buddhists live the "life of pure compassion" expounded by Buddha? How many Zoroastrians can claim to be living the three gems that compose Zoroastrianism, "Think truly, speak truly, act truly"?


Meher Baba has followers from among manifold religions. At one time or another they have been asked by friends and strangers whether Meher Baba asks his followers to give up their religion. On the contrary, Meher Baba says, "Follow any religion you like, but follow its innermost nucleus. Do not make a mock of it by adopting the conventional husk of religion and ignoring the underlying Truth. Religion shouldn’t be a convenience to be in­dulged in, but words of Truth to be lived."


Without a living sincerity of belief, without the full courage of conviction, and without the actual preparedness to interpret the significance underlying the words, however lofty, beautiful and full of wisdom these words may be they remain just words, and are little more than colorful, scentless flowers painted on canvas.


Sir Roger L'Estrange truly says, "Men talk as if they believed in God, but they live as if they thought there was none."


"The Second Coming of Christ, " "The Imminent Manifestation of Imam Mehdi," "The Birth of Kalanki Avatar," "Soshyent" (the One expected by Zoroastrians), "The Last Buddha"—clothed in different religions and expressed in different tongues, we thus hear the cry of the rebirth of the Avatar. He is here! Once more the Avatar is in our midst. Soon the world will witness the greatest manifestation of God on earth, and we will share the Great Moment according to our receptivity. Let us be prepared for the Great Awakening! May we be worthy of such a blessing.


A Saint has well sung,


         " Yar Mara Zama'n, Namo Nisha'ne Deegarast

         Kul-Le Yavmin Suratash, Der Shaklo Shane Deegarast.”


"Every time my Beloved bears a different name, and manifests in a


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