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tween man and God, may in the name of religion shout themselves hoarse to the contrary, none can alter the birthright of man to actually see God, and to consciously become One with God. Faithful or infidel, touchable or untouchable, black, white, brown or yellow, every man and woman is ultimately destined for the Supreme Goal.


Man's humanity is born of God's divinity. The physical birth of man takes place through the expression of man's animality. The tints of animality and the sparks of divinity inherent in man, are inevitably manifested, alternately predominating until the Oneness of the Soul is actually experienced.


We have therefore the three combined characteristics inherent in man: animality, humanity and divinity. Man fluctuates from his level of humanity to the higher one of divinity and to the lower one of animality, until he scales duality and realizes the Oneness of the Soul.


All direct and indirect attempts to white-wash the animality of man, or to make a show of the divinity inherent in everything, are neither the mark of spirituality nor the milestone that directs one towards it.


Man does not feel himself existing in parts, that is, partly existing and partly non-existing. He always feels aware of his "I-am" state as whole and unchanging in its essence, and unbroken in its continuity. In the course of dreams, whether they are ordinary or fantastic, exhilarating or horrifying, the dreamer does not find himself to be different from himself in any way. His "I-am-ness" continues to remain identical with that of his wakeful state. During spells of deep sleep, man loses consciousness in utter oblivion, but on awakening he immediately feels the continuity of his existence.


This "I-am" consciousness of man is irrelevant to the muchness or littleness of his body. A severed limb does not deduct from the entirety of his original self. In the same way, this "I-am-ness" is found to be not a whit less or more throughout man's growth from childhood to youth, from maturity to old age.


The "I-am" awareness of the ego-self continues from the beginning of evolution, as the soul, with ever-increasing consciousness, identifies itself with each different form adopted in the course of its program. The ultimate and supreme Consciousness of the soul's "I-am-ness" is reached when it identifies itself with GOD.


The matter-of-fact approach to life may or may not embrace religion, philosophy, spirituality, or psycho-analysis of the modern schools of


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