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    180 Central Park South
    New York 19, N. Y.
    13th June, 1954



"My dearest Beloved Baba:


. . . My body is so weak as never before, but my spirit is so bright as never before. So you have the balance in your own Master hands. And I trust that you are playing the Divine game, according to human rules. I was a prince. I was a courtier and officer. I was a poet. I was a great adventurer, and I was a very great artist. Maybe you give me back my wings. God bless you and keep you in good health. You appeared to me the last days with very full hair and very full beard, like your hair and beard were lovely clouds. There is some painting at the Viennese National Gallery by Rubens, showing Jupiter appearing that way. You were serious, you had a wonderful bright smile. Here I am hanging between heaven and earth on your grace now. Cable me as soon as you receive this note to the Roosevelt Hospital.


Maybe sometimes you hear a frivolous remark from me, even in my dying pain, but you know that thousands of years ago I was a pixie and a faun and I was allowed to make fun of the gods, and God Pan himself, and that is in my blood. So please forgive me if sometimes I talk like thousands of years ago. But I know that you love me as the Gods loved then. And that's my only comfort in this valley of misery . . .


Suddenly this whole world is like a fairy-tale and I wish to get healthy and follow my great vision.


Ever your Phoenix,


CABLE received by one of Baba 's group in U.S.A.:


Satara, India, July 8, 1954


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