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  drawing of Baba and horse kissing
Sheeba, by Malinda Mayer, illustrated by
Jill Vowles Softcover, $5.00 Maji Books,
18 Ivest Dr., E Falmouth, MA 02536
Sheeba learns to Kiss
    Every day Mehera would come to Sheeba and say, "Kiss, Sheeba! Kiss! Kiss!" Then Mehera would kiss Sheeba and give her a lump of sugar.
     Sometimes Naja would come from the kitchen with a carrot She would say, "Kiss Sheeba! Kiss!" Then she would hug Sheeba's neck and kiss and pat her, and giver her the carrot to eat.


When Mani came into the yard to walk Peter, they would stop by Sheeba's stall so that Peter could say hello to his friend. Mani would say, "Kiss! Kiss, Sheeba!" and kiss Sheeba's cheek. Peter always wanted a kiss too.


In the afternoons, Baba would come out on the veranda and clap his hands for Sheeba. Sheeba knew it was Baba calling her and came to him immediately wherever she was.


One day when Baba had called her and was giving her her daily milk Mehera said, "Sheeba, kiss Baba!"


Suddenly Sheeba knew what "kiss" meant. It was something you did with people you loved. Sheeba loved Baba more than anyone, so she lifted her head and gave Baba a big kiss. Baba clapped his hands with pleasure, and the women all laughed with delight as Baba gave a big kiss back to Sheeba.


The Divan of Hafiz, English Version by Paul Smith. 2 Volume set Illustrated. Hardcover $65.00 J. Rasmussen, 821 S. 48th St, Phila, PA 19143

(see page 21)


Night Watch , Verse to the First, by John Mijac. $5.00. Softcover.

(see page 28)


Is That So? Talks by Eruch Jessawala compiled by Bill LePage. 110 pages. Softcover. Meher Nazar Books.


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This incident occurred during Meher Baba's first tour of Andhra in 1953. We were staying outside of town in a government rest house. The mandali were staying in a nearby building and at the time I am speaking of, only Baba and I were in his quarters. It was early in the morning, before darshan program began for the day, and Baba wanted a bath. I looked everywhere but I couldn't find a big vessel for heating the water in. I also


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