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Baba and The Baby Parrots


as told by Mehera J. Irani



At the end of 1933, we came with Baba from Nasik to stay at Upper Meherabad for the first time. There was Naja, Khorshed, Soonamasi, Mani and myself. From 1934 onwards, Baba brought many different pets for us to keep. We had much other work to attend to during the day, but it was always a special  joy for us to care for and nurture these pets that Baba so lovingly would bring to us.


During the mornings, Baba would be down the hill with the men mandali and everyday at about quarter to eleven, He would come up the hill to have His lunch and be with us.


One day when Baba came for His lunch, we were all in the kitchen when Baba beckoned to me to come nearer. As I approached Him, I saw Baba put His hand in His coat pocket and bring it out again. Baba was holding something in His hand which I could not see. Baba held out His hand towards me as though He wanted to give me what was in His hand. I put out my hand and Baba slipped something in it. Imagine my surprise when I saw a tiny, pink, skinny, little baby parrot with a large red beak sitting in the palm of my hand! It had no feathers at all — just pink flesh!


I exclaimed, "Oh, Baba! It's so ugly - with no feathers at all!"


"Keep it." Baba gestured. "It will grow into a beautiful bird."


photo of Baba with Parrott on His finger
    Then Baba turned to Mani and called her. Baba again slipped His hand in His pocket and brought out another tiny featherless baby parrot. This He put onto Mani’s hand. The third one was given to Khorshed who was standing nearby. Then Baba told us to place the baby parrots in front of him on the gadi (divan). Just then all three of them started to cry and squawk! They looked so funny and helpless - all three in row before Baba with their mouths wide open like handbags! They were squawking loudly because they were very hungry.
    "Now," Baba said, "Come on, we'll feed them. Hurry up and bring some food for them. Bring chick-pea flour and ghee (clarified butter)."
    We brought the flour and the ghee and mixed them together. Then Baba made it into little pellets that could be fed to the baby parrots. Baba quickly fed the first parrot with the chick-pea mixture. Then He fed the second baby, and then the third. By this time, the first one was crying hungrily for more, so Baba fed it again, and the second baby
and then the third! Baba looked so happy as He  lovingly fed each tiny pink

parrot.   Baba just kept feeding them and they kept eating - their  beaks wide openfor more food. And so, the three little parrots ate and ate. And because they had eaten so much, they began to groan. Baba told us, "Now we must give them a walk to help digest their food. Otherwise they will get a stomach-ache."


We put the parrots down on the floor in a line, and Baba gently nudged each one from   behind with His finger to start it walking. As they waddled with distended stomachs, they   groaned. They looked so ugly with their skinny legs, big claws and huge red beaks, that it   really was a funny sight. But eventually by pushing them along with our fingers, we managed   to give them a slow but steady walk across the kitchen floor. When they had crossed the   length of the room, Baba made them turn around to walk back again. After this round was   completed, they were no longer groaning. Baba said, "Now they will be alright."


For some days we continued this feeding and exercise procedure until the baby parrots   began to grow bigger.


You know, then they grew up and all their green feathers appeared, they were truly beautiful   birds, as Beloved Baba assured us they would be.


During our years with Baba, we kept a variety or pets, both animals and birds. For all of   them, Baba manifested great love and showed concern and care for their welfare to the   minutest detail. Love for people and all His creatures naturally emanated from Him who is   the Source of Love.


Indeed, these three baby parrots were really fortunate birds! . . . as were all the pets that   came into contact with Beloved Baba.






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