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Finally, the Prince (X) and his wife (Y) die.


Fifth Life:
  X:  (The prince)  
  Y:  (The prince's wife)    
  Z:  (The prince's slave) all become brothers
X, Y, and Z are now brothers, sons of a grand multi-millionaire in America. They are all well-educated. X is the leader of the three. He is spiritually minded, always studies spiritual subjects (the lives of the masters, etc.), and is a great benefactor of the poor. His two brothers, also spiritually minded, always obey his wishes. A Perfect Master comes to America from India. People are deeply impressed by Him; they flock to Him, are transformed by Him. (Insert sayings of Meher Baba as samples of the Perfect Master's lectures.) X hears of the Master and seeks Him out. The Master, on seeing X, is very pleased and exclaims, "Here is my man at last!" The Master embraces X and gives him Illumination. He experiences the following:


On the sixth plane, he finds his gross, subtle and mental bodies set apart, and his spiritual body as a dot of unfathomable light. With this spiritual body (which has eyes, ears, nose all in one) he sees the Real Ocean of Light that is God. His ecstasy is now at its zenith. He does not resume his gross, subtle and mental bodies, and being thus regardless of the world and its affairs, he is conscious only of God and God alone. His gross, subtle and mental bodies are all merged in the spiritual existence.


X lies in trance in the superconscious state for four days, and then regains his consciousness of the universe with partial illumination.


X goes home permanently transformed. His parents and others do not understand and think him mad. His brothers understand and sympathize. X does not sleep or eat but is always radiantly happy. His parents call in physicians who give him injections and other treatment, but X remains the same.


One day the two brothers tell their father about the Master from the East, and beg him to take X to Him. X is taken to the Master. The Master embraces him the second time and gives him the Divine Knowledge (7th plane consciousness). Here, he is One with this Divine Ocean of Infinite Light. He is now God, the Infinite.


He becomes a Perfect Master. His two brothers become his most devoted disciples.



P.S. While in high school, Merwan wrote a complete, nearly 200-page scenario, in English, typed, and mailed it to Universal Studios in Hollywood. He received no reply.




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