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A Letter From Mehera on Jean's Passing
May 16, 1984



Meherazad, India

Dearest Adele:


Dear Jean had been much in my thoughts recently; when we heard of her going to Baba it was received with gladness, for Jean was more than ready to come Home. In her journey through life Jean was very fortunate to be holding on to Baba's daaman. Baba was holding her hand and guiding her footsteps. This last phase of her life in her illness and suffering she had come very close to Beloved Baba. We know that she is in bliss now —free from suffering — come Home at last — happy to be where she has longed to be with Beloved Baba always.


You and Marguerite, Marge and many others of the L.A. Baba Family helped and cheered dear Jean with your visits to her, enabling her to talk of Baba and hear His Name.


On 23rd May when we visit Meherabad, we will offer a garland at Beloved Baba's Samadhi* in salutation of Jean's love and service. Through her and her writings so many had heard of Baba and come to Him.


Hope dear Filis's health is improving and she is getting stronger day by day by Baba's grace.


Much love to dear Fills and to you dear Adele, from your Meherazad family, in Beloved's all-encompassing love

(signed) Mehera



A Note On Jean
by Maryse Ulrich


"Let these words be inscribed in your heart:
Nothing is real but God
Nothing matters but love for God."
— Meher Baba


On May 16, 1984, Jean Adriel, one of Meher Baba's close woman disciples in the West, passed away at a convalescent hospital in southern California. She was the author of Avatar, a book describing her early life with Meher Baba.


On June 30,1982, I had the pleasure to share some precious moments with Jean. In reaction to a poem I had sent her through a mutual friend earlier that year, Jean commented: "What further joy can I express except the love of Him who blesses and holds you ever in His heart." I needed to hear no more. I had to pay her a visit. She was then residing at the Canoga Terrace Convalescent Hospital. As I entered her room, she lit up like a Christmas tree. She warmly greeted me, and we immediately proceeded to talk about Baba. She was very alert and eager to narrate some of her dear memories to me. After giving Jean a picture of Baba, she instantly responded in a rapt manner, describing Him in a most beautiful way. She expressed her joy by saying: "I am so high dearest, I don't know whether I'm coming or going ...I want you to know that this is, apart from Baba, the greatest day of my earth . . . "


In 1931, Jean and her husband Malcolm met Meher Baba for the first time, in New York. Of her initial encounter with her Master, Jean stated a few years ago:  "My most


* tomb




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