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A Poet passes-Photo of Francis Brabazon and sheet music


Francis Brabazon




As Dust He Sings
for Francis


The wordsmith has died,
gone to the silence he loved —
there where his words
could not take him.
He said to me once that poetry
should exalt the Beloved,
that the business of the poet
is to sing God's glory,
to reflect, however little,
the sonority of silence.
I think of him then, the singer
short and intense, a lover
grafted to clarity's fire.
His pen was a voice singing
of life's shadow play
veiling the Beloved's light,
and of the job of the lover
to fashion his heart as a chalice,
wherein he might consume himself
utterly in burning.
Now he, the Hafiz of our times,
still has not ended his passionate
poems to the sweetness of Meher;
he remains in the world as a song,
as the essence of dust he is singing
— Robert Dreyfus




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