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Drawing of Baba by Billy Ward


"Human Beings Can"...


God is one, is everything, and He alone is real; whereas the universe is the outcome of nothing, is under the influence of maya, is full of many, and so it is false. As long as "many" are seen, the One cannot be seen. For the One to be seen, "many" must go. The one God is seen, when this phantom of universe disappears; and this universe ceases to exist for one, when the lower self of that one is annihilated.


This is Truth, but intellect cannot grasp It, wisdom cannot weigh it, space cannot hold it, time cannot check it, cause cannot affect it, heavens cannot compass it, angels cannot fathom it, but human beings can realize it through love, the divine love, the love for the Almighty, except Whom, nothing is.


On Thorns — dictated 2/3/54 at worker's meeting


Include K.S.R. in the meeting on 2nd is important. Time is coming very near 100% and you all work 100%. I am fed up with this bowing down. Gods bow down to Me; what about human beings? I don't want all that. I want workers -- honest workers. I know everyone has weakness, but we must put all weaknesses together, and erect a tower of strength of it. That is My plan. For example, one thorn is here, one thorn is there, and thorns can be of no use, -- if scattered, they only prick. But thorns "put together" can make a hedge that no one can enter. These scattered thorns have become a source of protection when formed into a hedge. So all weaknesses put together can form the tower of strength.


From The Beloved to a Lover


Do not, observe prolonged silence nor meditate. Do not serve yourself by doing so. You who lead a dedicated life in My Cause have no need for such discipline. You are close to me and very dear to me. I know how you strive to be merged in My Love. I want you not to strive for this, but to allow your dear love to flow freely to Me in its natural course.




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