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The world is at War today.


It has engulfed all departments of life — political, economic, social and religious.


The instinct of self-preservation enhanced by fear and uncertainty of the future is aggressively active in the guise of various pseudonyms and catch-words.


Exclusiveness is parading as nationalism; self-interest is known as economics; fanaticism is synonymous with religion; libertinism is looked upon as social and moral freedom and exploitation is termed, politics.


This instinct of self-preservation is legitimate and natural with the lower order in life, in the scale of evolution. But when it expresses itself through man, it makes of him nothing more than a talking animal and as such, he is yet a long way off from deserving the title, "the best of creation".


Is it anybody's fault if one finds himself on the right side of things or the wrong side of things? No! Every human being has come to serve and achieve a definite purpose and by playing his part to perfection he automatically works out his own salvation.


There is this difference however. In the divine scheme of things individuals or peoples when, instead of progressing higher and onward, are about to lapse into bestiality, it is suffering that rehabilitates them.


Spiritual Masters achieve for humanity this same resurrection much more easily and less painfully by not only preaching but translating into fulfillment the too familiar words, self-denial and brotherhood of man, whose very beginning and whose ultimate end is LOVE.


The time for such a universal awakening is looming large in the near future, to meet which the scheme of a Universal Spiritual Centre is founded today.


Mysore will surely realize at no distant date its singular good fortune in possessing amongst many progressive features, the Spiritual Capital of the world as well.


I bless everyone of you, participants and non-participants, in the greatest scheme of spiritual regeneration the world has ever known and the foundation of which you have witnessed today.


This scheme of a Universal Spiritual Centre symbolizes the character of my Divine Mission on earth.


I bless you.


© 1980 by the Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust




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