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The light that glowed in the fire of Zoroaster
That flashed through the arrow of Rama
That hallowed the face of Buddha
That radioed the flute of Krishna
That silvered the cross of Christ
That flamed through the brotherhood of Mohammed
Is the Selfsame light of Love
That is now radiating from the silence of Avatar Meher Baba



Call yourself a lover of Avatar Meher Baba, but you must be willing for your love of Baba to suffer labors and sorrows, vexations and anxieties, lack of necessities, sickness, injuries, reproof, disgrace, humiliation, shame, correction, and contempt. "Jai Baba" will then be yours.



Beloved Meher Baba!
Bless us all,
So that in the stress and strain of our daily life
And the fluctuations of our mind,
We learn to relax, wholly and whole-heartedly,
And float on the Ocean of Your Love,
And call for
Your breath of joy,
Your breeze of compassion,
And Your wind of strength,
To flood into
Every fiber of our body,
Every corner of our mind,
And every space of our heart,
To cleanse us of all our impurity
And make us worthy,
Of Your Love,
Of Your Obedience,
Of Your service,
And above all, Your pleasure.




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