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Dear _______:


I have received your letter of 19th Feb. I am happy to hear about your impending book about spiritual masters. Concerning whatever material you intend to print about Avatar Meher Baba, could you please send it to me well in advance of printing so I can proofread it for errors.


Regarding your question about the stone that rises when God's Name is chanted. have heard that there is such a stone near Shivapur, which is 12 miles from Poona on the way to Satara on the Poona-Satara Road. I am informed that a certain name is chanted, and the people stand about touching the stone with their finger, and the stone rises. However, this stone has no connection with Avatar Meher Baba nor Sai Baba of Shirdi.


You are right about Meher Baba disclaiming about any miracles. The only true miracle is the awakening of the heart to God. An analogy might be useful to explain this. Imagine you see a friend who is dreaming and in his dream he thinks that he crippled or suffering some distress. If you had the ability to enter the dream, would you perform a so-called miracle and restore his ability to walk or relieve whatever distress he had, or would you wake him up from the dream?


The miracles performed by others only perpetuate the dream. That is, if once distress is relieved in the dream, there is less of a motive to wake up from the dream but it is inevitable that whatever problem is solved by the miracle will eventually trouble one again — if not in this birth, in the next birth.


But once one is wakened from the dream, one is permanently free from all suffering. Meher Baba doesn't bother to make one's dreams pleasant, but seeks the permanent emancipation of one from the illusion.


Regarding your question about the identity of the 5 Perfect Masters. I don't know who they are, however I will say one thing about them. Meher Baba said that during His advent which lasts over 100 years beyond the dropping of His body, the 5 Perfect Masters would not be publicly known. Therefore, although I can't tell you who the current 5 Perfect Masters are, I can tell you that for the next 100 years that anyone that becomes publicly known is definitely not a Perfect Master.


The time for the next 100 years is for the Advent of Avatar Meher Baba. As such it is His Name and Love that is meant by God to awaken humanity. Therefore the Perfect Masters, although they do operate, will do so privately. Now is the time. for Meher Baba’s Advent. When the force of His Advent fades after 100 years, then the Perfect Master will come forward to continue the work that was given them by none other than Meher Baba Himself.


I am looking forward to your book.


May Meher Baba bless you!


Adi K. Irani



My dear ______,


I received your letter of _______. Yes, when I visited with all of you in ______ I certainly enjoyed myself. I know you are all sincere in efforts to obey the Beloved.

In your letter you ask about advice about the meetings you have. I am sure by now you have seen the letter I wrote to ______ about drugs.


The first thing about Meher Baba gatherings is that they should specifically be about Avatar Meher Baba. Whether they are about His life or His messages makes no difference. Sometimes some Baba lovers in all sincerity will say that Baba is in everything, so why not study other paths as Baba is there? This is true; Baba is everywhere, but the point is where can I find Baba. It is practical to find Baba in gatherings about Him.




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