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by Francis Brabazon


For Meher Baba's 82nd Birthday
How the glory of your brow
is the light of our safe journeying!
The love of your eves
  is the mirror of our revealment
And the certainty of our arrival.
How glorious you are as Man; how helpless as God:
So helpless that you could not hide
your Godhood
Even behind the walls of your pain
How very Man you are.
How absolutely God.



For Meher Baba's 83rd Birthday
Once more comes round the joyous Day of days,
And you, within our hearts, sing your own praise.
But what is praise unless good works are done?
And that means sacrifice of all that’s won.
Still is the Wine Shop shuttered and He sleeps
And leaves to each the sowing that He reaps.
Francis enough! This Vintner debonair
Gives rise to our thin hopes and rich despair.


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