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Sketch of Meher Baba's Tomb
Rather than review these new books, we thought you'd enjoy a glimpse of their contents. — Editor
NOT WE BUT ONE: Meher Baba
on Life, Living, and Love.

  Paperback, 151 pp., $1.95   

  Meher House Publications


 Eruch Jessawala on Pilgrimage:


The difference between a pilgrimage to the tomb of the God-Man,* and a pilgrimage to the tomb of a Perfect Master is great. This I have gathered from Meher Baba. A pilgrimage, made with the desire of gaining material benefits, can be successful at the tomb of the Perfect Master. But if the aspiration is for spiritual benefit, then this can he gained by making a pilgrimage to the tomb of the God-Man. There are the tomb-shrines of the Saints and Perfect Masters (and of the pious people). They are very good, and people can seek material and spiritual benefits from them. But these spiritual benefits are all relayed, so to say, from the power-house of the tomb of the God-Man. Indeed, the tomb of the God-Man serves as a repository of all benefits, spiritual and material. But very rarely does someone make a pilgrimage to the God-Man's tomb to ask for some spiritual benefit. Yet it is the place for asking such a thing.


Thousands will go on pilgrimage to the tomb of the God-Man, hankering and longing for material benefits, and for the redressing of their woes and miseries. Even these things they will get there.


Then there are some people whose association with the Perfect Masters makes them aspire for something spiritual. Meher Baba says that they do benefit in approaching the tomb of a Perfect Master for something spiritual, but the benefit is not drawn directly from that tomb. It is always bestowed upon the person from the tomb of the God-Man.


*The God-Man and a Perfect Master are one in consciousness. Each is fully conscious of himself as being nothing other than Infinite Knowledge, Infinite Power, Infinite Bliss, but whilst the God-Man is God taking on the veil of man-form, a Perfect Master is a man who has realized his Godhood.




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