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Our fortune was golden when You were with us

Now all that is shattered

I am like a counterfeit coin

Who will take me now across this ocean?

O my perfect Master, I am losing my courage.

All I want now is this: to remember You without a break

And take Your Name when I breathe my last.


Tell me, Beloved, how can I love Your infinity

When I am finite?

Tell me, my Divine Friend, how can I be Your friend?

How can I love You?

You are formless and without virtues

While I have a body full of evil

So, please tell me, how can I love You?


I have sacrificed this life for You

And I want to die for You.

But tell me, how can I love You?

You are the Avatar of my life, the Lord of my life

Why should I have any cares in this world!

Tell me only how should I love You?


My only desire is to keep you in the temple of my heart;

You are Love personified, You are the giver of Salvation

Yet I am afraid of You, O my Saviour

Please tell me how I can love You!


In this separation may You be most loving to me

I am repeating Your Name

I may die . . . do whatever You like: I take Your will as a favor

I keep Your will on my head . . .

But tell me, how can I love You?







Who is the actor behind all the masks
Hidden in a hall of mirrors
A corridor of doors to open
Seeking the elusive self —
Atman grinning like Groucho Marx —
Who pulls the strings to animate
This puppets' play on Maya's stage —
Life-rhythm beat to Shiva-dance
We prance all time away.
— Jim Wheeler




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