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My heart is restless to go

beyond This or That. My thoughts

are directed to my beloved, who is

Truth. What must I do if his voice

does not sing clearly in me!


The flowers are gay as I march

with the quest for union, and the

sky is a jeweled door opening

to him. When I arrive he will paint

my life with Eternal Love!


He is waiting for me with

kisses for my heart and stars

for my unseeing eyes. I tarry

too long over his festival and

forget he waits. But, he is

patience, the brook of understanding!


I would that I may share

this nite with you as companions

with him, to gaze into one another's

heart and touch as children our life



My mood is a warm spring night,

and my heart goes out to breathe

everything. I fill the darkness

with joy as the lamps lite the way

to allow me to see. Tonight I feel

calm and tranquil in his beautiful



One moment of silence

with him touching my heart

as if the sky was at my feet,

and the sun breaking into

golden haze, as if the earth

was in the sky, and the ocean

pounded the seashore, creating

new life!


He is the endless stream

of life. He crawls like the

worm and soars as a bird.

His will is the roar of the

ocean and the clasp of a

thunderous sky. In my heart

He too dwells, speaking in a

language of feeling, expressing

in me the Nature of Being!




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