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[sic] *who meditates with sincerity may sooner or later become free from the clutches of maya and be drawn to the Truth or God.


2. If, along with sincerity, meditation is practiced with regularity and for a sufficiently long time, it is capable of making one's mind pure and permanently inclined to the divine path.


3. The third advantage of meditation lies in the fact that if the meditation is very deep and intense, it is likely to produce the state of Yoga Samadhi. Though Yoga Samadhi has nothing to do with Nirvikalpa Samadhi, and must not be confused with spiritual Perfection, an aspirant is likely to derive some benefit from it.


4. But the greatest advantage of meditation is that which lies in a chance for direct God-Realization! Yes, it is not impossible to get the Nirvikalpa Samadhi, Haqikat, the complete realization of the state — "I am God" — through meditation. But it is possible, provided that the meditator has come under the influence of a living Perfect Master, has a pure and spotless character and is possessed of dogged determination that knows no defeat, even if it comes to the question of giving up one's very life in the cause. With these qualities, one must meditate without any other object in view save that of becoming one with the Almighty.


Let it be borne in mind that there should be no limit to, or a particular fixed period only, for meditation. If meditation cannot be continued throughout the waking state without a break, it must be as long as possible. The intensity of meditation is in proportion to the longing for the Goal. Every hour, every minute, one must crave for God, as a drowning man craves for life. The longing for God brings about extreme unrest, a kind of mind-crushing torture, and this mind-crushing torture must be so strong that no thoughts except those of God enter the devotee's mind. This intense longing is very rare in this matter-ridden age. In order to generate this longing, the help of a Perfect Master is required in most cases. The grace of a God-Realized Master works wonders, but one must, so to say, extort this grace from Him.


Be it noted that meditation, or anything done in the cause of Truth, never goes in vain. It is, as already said, bound to bear fruit sooner or later.


Meher Baba has enlarged on Meditation in The Discourses, Vol. II




drawing of Baba, by Billy Ward  
Q: What is the most difficult thing in      spiritual life?
A: To be perfectly human.
— Meher Baba


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