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drawing of Baba's head  inside a star
by Meher Baba
Paperback, 116 pp. $3.95 Samuel Weiser Books
These gems of the inspiring wisdom of Avatar Meher Baba, once embedded in the back issues of twenty-four years of the Awakener, have now been "mined" and published all together in a compact paperback ― a spiritual "pocket book" to carry with you everywhere. The rich material is arranged under three headings — God and God-man; Aspects of the Path; The Art of Discipleship; with short introductory material by Fills Frederick, editor of the Awakener. Here are some of the familiarmessages like "The Highest of the High" plus well-known ones like the article on   "The Aura

and the Halo" and "The Avatar’s Circles," both with accompanying charts. There is a little-known discourse on Bhakti Yoga plus many shorter messages sent by Baba directly to the pages of the Awakener. The book is tastefully designed with good photos of Meher Baba and is printed in legible typeface. Published by Samuel Weiser Books, an old friend of our magazine, it is available at all bookstores.




Narrated by Eruch, Mehera, Mani and Meheru


Hardbound, 191 pp., $8. 95, J. F. Kennedy Press


Here are the long-awaited stories of Meher Baba's unique New Life period, as recalled by four of the mandali who accompanied Him during the years 1949-1951. The material was taped by Don Stevens and features an introduction by Craig San Roque. This period of Baba's work was so intense, strenuous and different from the other years with the Master it has been difficult for the mandali to yield up their priceless memories. But Eruch, Mehera, Mani and Meheru have in informal but very vivid fashion described their life with Baba and His other "companions" on the New Life tours of India. One of the most remarkable features of the New Life was that fact that Baba wanted all of those with Him to consider Him not as Avatar, but as one of them, a companion on the Way, and this lead to some of the most interesting episodes, including the famous "dove" story that closes the New Life saga. On the cover of the book is the only photo known to be taken of Baba in the New Life.




The Discourses of Meher Baba, edited by Charles Purdom


387 pp Paperback, $3.95, Sheriar Press


In 1952 I was standing in the "old kitchen" at the Center in Myrtle Beach, telling Adi about my struggle to get an American edition of Meher Baba's Discourses published (I had Baba's approval). Baba walked in and signaled "What are you talking about?" and Adi




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