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Book Review



by Tom and Dorothy Hopkinson. 191 pp. hardbound. Photo Frontispiece. Dodd, Mead $7.95


If a stranger asks, "Who is Meher Baba," perhaps the best answer would be to give him this fine new biography by two English devotees of long standing, Tom and Dorothy Hopkinson. It gives a simple, readable account of Meher Baba's life and work, not unduly colored by metaphysical speculations or personal opinions. Though it does not draw on any new research material, it presents the extraordinary facts of the Avatar's life clearly, illustrated by judiciously chosen excerpts from His teachings, some from the pages of the Awakener . The title comes from an African proverb: "Much silence makes a mighty noise."


We urge every Baba lover to add this work to his growing "Avataric library." It may be ordered for $8.50 postpaid from one of the centers below:


Sufism Reoriented, 1300 Boulevard Way, Walnut Creek, California 94595

Meher Baba Bookstore, 393 E. Green Street, Pasadena, California 91101


Meher Baba House, % Itkowitz, 186 West 4th Street, New York, New York 10012




The Outcome of Our "AVATAR IN ART"Contest . . .


We are happy to announce that the artists, writers, musicians and photographers who received the most votes are:


ART: Diane Cobb; Leroy Parker; Lia.


MUSIC: Hank Mindlin


POETRY: Mimi Morton


CARTOON: Jean Kellar




Each of the above will receive 12 copies of the back issues of the AWAKENER, of their own choosing. Jai Baba, and thank you all again.


P.S. Baba's sketch also received votes . . .!




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