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Meherabad Talks

by Meher Baba


This is a collection of informal talks given by Avatar Meher Baba to the mandali at Meherabad Hill 1926, on various aspects of the spiritual path. Although most of the points given in these "chalk talks" (Baba used a slate for the simple diagrams) were later elaborated in the Discourses and God Speaks, they throw light on Baba's early days and work with the mandali. They have never been published before in their original form.

— Editor


The Difference Between

Knowledge and Understanding


April 29, 1926


The realization of the Supreme Being (Paramatma) as our own Self is the realization of Truth. The universe is the outcome of Imagination. Then, why try to get a superficial knowledge of the imaginative universe rather than acquire the knowledge of Self (Truth)?


What is knowledge? Knowledge means the experience of Paramatma (Dnyan) ― Knowledge of the Highest that our Soul, which is everlasting, gets of the Supreme Being, i.e., Self-Realization.


What is the Universal Understanding? It is called Vishva Dnyan or the knowledge of the universe with which one comes down, after Realization of Paramatma Dnyan, i.e., knowledge of God and the Nirvikalpa state. That is to say, Knowledge = experience plus universal understanding or perfect knowledge of that experience. Meaning again that he who acquires Knowledge must necessarily acquire experience, and then again, he must have a perfect knowledge of that experience.


Otherwise, those who acquire experience and remain in that Nirvikalpa state, (the state of Ananta Ananda or everlasting bliss), are called Majzoobs. Although they are all knowing and perfect in every way, they are unable to do anything for, or give salvation to, the world.


In short, the experience of the State of the Supreme Being (God) is the Real State.


Now let us see what this experience (of Self) is that one gets before acquiring the Real Knowledge. The Sadgurus or Realized ones take those to whom they are to give this experience through the seven planes absolutely in the dark ― either with bandages around their eyes or with their eyes closed; that is, those to whom the Sadguru gives the experience have no knowledge of these seven planes. They are quite ignorant of that knowledge though they have already crossed all these seven planes. It is for this reason that when the candidate for this experience is let off by the Sadguru just below the seventh plane, his state is "unimaginable and indescribable." It is as if an unexpected current of millions of candlepowers of electric light enters or dissolves his subtle body. He is amazed and stupefied at this new experience; then, before he can properly think of his new unimaginably wonderful experience, he suddenly acquires the Nirvikalpa state, where he himself becomes one with the Ananta Ananda or eternal Bliss.




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