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Goal of no-return through the realization of God — the Self. To realize the self is true attainment, and all else is an adventure!


Filis dear:


Since the letter is sent by Eruch, it is difficult to know when it is a direct quote from Baba.


Share it with all at that end. / only know, as / told you, that l have been re/eased from ritual and am not about to lose the freedom and the joy of His Love in newer forms. / love all of you and cherish any news. My Catholic friends here who are interested in Baba say, "Share this with them. Perhaps they can delay the rituals — and be free from them — so that God's Love can reign."

Anita Putalik







It has been a real March in Los Angeles — the wind has been cold and blowing, leaving an incredibly blue sky above us. One feels like walking in such weather which is what I did today. And I thought of you.


I saw your face among the patterns of clouds. It filled me with a tremendous joy and an inexpressible longing. These are the gifts you have given me. You uncovered and continue to nurture a place at the very center of my being which I had never realized was within me. I had felt joy before knowing you and longing as well but they were directionless. In those days I searched for you in everything, not knowing that all the time your silent beauty was shouting to me from every direction. I saw you nowhere. To me then all there was of you was an emptiness inside myself which was a hopeless despairing kind of hunger that knew somehow of your love and yet did not understand how to feel it. I see now who it was that stood between you and me, and who stands now, whispering such absurdities in my ears. Sometimes I have to laugh at the silliness of my own self, tripping me and chasing me in circles. You do help me to laugh.


When I think of you and how it is that you have come and how it is that your infinite patience and love overlooks my incredible ignorance and arrogance, it serves to remind me of my finiteness, my impotence and my extreme weakness. What is it that I can give you who has given me everything? I must even ask for your help in learning what it is to give.


If you were only God or only man I might be able to rest more contentedly in my separateness. I know your face so well, your wonderful smile which seems to be everything that is happy and joyful and free and your eyes which are unfathomable. I feel as if I am falling through space when I really try to imagine you and yet you are my companion.


These spring days have been passing by with such speed — there is always a new adventure which you would reveal to me. My life whirls about the unmoving center which is you. Always you were there and always you will be. What joy and longing you have given me, beloved. How aware you have made me of completeness and of incompleteness. I think of you these windy days and look for your smile among the clouds.

Nancy Patton


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