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Silent Teachings, Continued from Page 8



It is also definitely and authoritatively stated that one, through Herculean efforts can get up to the mental plane but to go further needs a Sadguru.


See the fun, these souls (pointing to the group seated around him) think they are the body. R. says 'I am woman.' Soul is not man or woman. The body is man or woman but Soul is ignorant in saying 'I am this body'. Also these souls do not see the souls in others. Baba sees himself in all souls.


Souls on the mental plane have intuition, inspiration and insight, but do not see themselves as God. So the difference between this soul (mental) and the gross is infinite. Now the very fine Sanskaras vanish—then all vanish.


This soul (pointing to one of the group) is God but sees not God, not Self, only the world. So you all are in God, all are One (not two, all One). Picture yourself as being in the ocean deep, deep deep, but you see only this body, yet you are in the ocean deep down. According to impressions, body will change millions of times — man, woman, weak, strong bodies—to experience happiness and suffering, but you are in the ocean. You do not change. What changes is the body and its experiences. When impressions become weak, gross impressions become subtle. The great long experience of happiness and bliss, of opposites makes the gross impressions weak. Then Soul experiences the subtle world. These are advanced souls. They experience the world of energy, not of matter. This Soul now experiences the subtle world through subtle form. The Soul when experiencing the gross world, had the medium of the gross body. When impressions get weaker through Yoga, through penances, then subtle impressions become mental impressions. Soul now experiences the mental world through the mental body — it has a subtle body but does not experience it. Also the Sadguru can make any soul jump up to the highest state without all this. So when you love Sadguru, you love conscious God.


You all are God; some are unconscious God, some are partly conscious, some are finitely conscious God and some God-conscious God. But this God (pointing to the group) has to love, worship and be guided by this God (pointing to Baba) to become conscious God. You have no idea of your God state. You have an idea of body state. Sadguru experiences infinite power.

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