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O Baba, why you sleep so long, long.
The years go by, are lingering on.
What did happen to you, avatar,
your awakening the universe
as you did say?
What are you doing in your tomb so long, long,
in which your lovely body rests, the shell,
before which we come to worship and to pray,
remembering the lessons, words and way
as you did say?
O Baba, do you know how much we long, long,
to see, to hear something of you?
We know the signs exist which help explain,
but still, your word must manifest
as you did say.
Life carries all its load along, along,
its programme slowly running down
in which you set long in the past
the molecules to arrange the chime
as you did say.
Your programme seems to be so long, long.
Your prelude gone, destruction now holds on.
Forms are hard to set for the new life,
so that construction gets behind, must wait
as you did say.
The future looks quite bleak and long, long,
black holes are threatening the whole.
Yet destruction does not work at random,
some islands are protected and preserved
as you did say.
Dear Baba, please, do not wait too long, long,
since you do know that we do long.
We pray to help us holding on,
for left alone, your daaman might decay
as you did say.
From the Swiss group



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