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"One instance of Baba's super-conscious or supernatural intelligence, or intercommunication of thought, was shown me in Siena in September of 1932. I was very ill and had thought of cabling, but thought that he must know if I was really ill. At all events, I sent out thought towards him mentally, asking for help. The next day I received a cable asking me what was the matter, and soon began to recover.


The night before we left for Egypt, we were walking to our hotel in Genoa and Baba suddenly stopped in the street without moving. Then about half a minute later, he walked on to his hotel. Calling me to him, he spelt on the board that he had just received a message from one of his agents saying that his presence was urgently needed in India. In the morning, he told me to go to Cook's at midday, saying that there would be a cable for him. At Cook's I found the cable and brought it to him. It read: 'Your presence is urgently needed in India to complete business; or words to that effect."


In summing up his notes, Quentin Tod says:


"In looking back upon my travels with Baba in various countries and all the experiences we have passed through, it is difficult to put into words just where he differs from the ordinary run of people.


"He has a quality that distinguishes him from others; he radiates kindness, peace, comfort, and love — above all, the latter quality. He is an easy traveler and does not mind discomfort, and it matters little to him what class he travels by. In fact, he has often seemed happiest to me in one of our most uncomfortable third-class journeys, as when we travelled from Santa Margherita to Venice in August 1932, or from London to Zurich in December of 1932.


"Baba is asked by hundreds of people if he will cure them of some bodily ailment. I know of several wonderful cures that he has made, but every case is so individual that he sometimes will not effect a cure if it would interfere with the spiritual development of that person.


"Nothing that he does can be judged by the ordinary common sense point of view of the average person."






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The Give-and-Take of Impressions


The give-and-take of sanskaras or impressions is constantly going on in the play of life. Where there is mutuality, there is this give-and-take, but it is not a mechanical process. The same action can create different impressions, according to the motive which inspires that action. A man who, out of the motive of doing good to another person, gives him food or clothes, at once catches his good impressions. The man who slanders another person with an evil motive or steals his belongings at once catches his evil impressions. Killing an animal for sport, pleasure or food means catching all its bad impressions, such bad impressions are caught from snakes or germs and the like, which are a danger to humanity, when they are killed out of philanthropic motives and only when absolutely necessary. Such killing, when it is not a duty will certainly create binding impressions.


Conversation, movies, books, radio, meetings, travels, crowds and so on are various mediums through which there is give-and-take of diverse types of impressions on a stupendous scale. In short, the cycle of impressions is interminable except when the aspirant slowly and patiently takes to the emancipatory, uphill spiritual path under the guidance of a Truth-realized Master, with his blessings.


The impressions in the ego-minds of all, whether gross, subtle or mental,




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