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Darshan, May 30, Guruprasad



Coming to Your house, how far we have come;

how far to go to be here.


Carrying the burden of our hearts

for it knew where it was going


The heart was heavy and calm

for it knew where it was going.


The heart was hushed and shaking

for it feared where it was going.


Our heart was dragging us

like the life-saver drags the struggling swimmer

from the ocean.

To the Ocean.


Our shy bodies dissolving around you,

in us, carrying you to yourself.


Coming home and a foretaste of

Coming home.


A foretaste because although we are home all the time,

it is still a long way to be here.

Here where the heart is.


Guruprasad called us home to send us home to ourself,

wherever we are.


Wherever we are, you are.





We have wept, we have laughed

we have sung and we have listened.


Now we are approaching silence,

no more weeping for a while.


So many strange emotions and strangers

have entered and left.

And now just the full emptied heart

waiting to be filled by you.


Waiting to find you at home

in our own country.


O Meher, consume our minds

in the flame of your name


O Meher, our heads are laid at your feet,

may they never rise again.


O Meher, allow us to bow the head so perfectly

so it may contain the entire heart of devotion.


O Meher.





Father, you have been waiting at the gate so patiently.


Father, we the prodigal children.


Father, your arms are so strong about us now.

Never will we forget the sweet smell of your house.


You have set the finest ring on our finger,

Oh what a feast we have had.


Oh what a gift.

Giving the gift of ourselves to you.


We have come bleating to the gentle sacrifice

where you sacrifice yourself

upon the altar of our hearts.


We are leaving the marriage bed

dazed at the power of your love.


Oh Meher, Beloved invisible,

you have shown us just a little of yourself

and already we are stumbling about

the garden bleating your name.


You have held a magnifying glass to our hearts

gazing back into your eye;

Oh what an oceanic blazing eye you have.


And when you wink our hearts disintegrate

in your tender laughter over us little lambs.

What shy lovers we have been.





You have opened the flood gate ever such a little way and already we

want to shout love from the

rooftops, love in the trees, make love

in the tombs and love the

howling humble bees.


Contain us Baba

do not let us burst.


Feed us Baba and wean us

Use us Baba use us in whatever way you

use us.


Without doubt we are leaving your house knowing we are home.

Meher we are on our way home.


All together now. One . . .

Baba is good for you. Baba works.

Acha!   Acha!   Acha!

Craig San Roque


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