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gardens and the Babajan tree. "That tree has its own significance. When Babajan was living in Poona, very often she would be seen seated under that tree. I met Babajan for the first time, when I was a child, under that tree, when Baba sent me from Ahmednagar for her darshan. But that tree also has another significance,—because when Baba used to leave Guruprasad after a stay of three months, he would give his parting darshan there. . . all the Poona lovers would ask us the date of departure, and collect there, and Baba's car would be stopped. . .and He very lovingly condescended to sit there; while all his Lovers sang his Arti. Then if Baba was in the mood, he'd give some message, or say something.


. . ."and Jal has arranged for you to visit other places, the Sassoon Hospital, which celebrated its Centenary last year and asked for a message from Baba. Well, Baba said there shall be a very short message:


I give My Blessings to the Administrative, Medical, Workers, Staff of this hospital in which I, the Deliverer of the World, was delivered to the World.


"And the authorities were very happy to receive a message of that calibre, from the Avatar of the Age.


"You will see the place where Baba was actually delivered by Shirinmai to the world, — and you will also visit the family home, where at present Baba 's brother Beheram and his family live. In that house is Baba's room. After Baba met Babajan, after her kiss, — somehow Baba felt altogether different from what he was, He felt what he always IS. Baba says, it was a terrible experience. He experienced Infinite bliss and that bliss was overpowering, you see, and He locked Himself in that room. (You must all know His life story). No one knew what He was doing for some days, but His mother used to hear peculiar sounds emanating from that room, a sort of banging. . .later it was discovered that Baba was banging His head on the floor. . .Baba called that banging a blissful agony. From that state of Infinite bliss He was being drawn down into consciousness of the world of illusion, of duality, because He had to shoulder the responsibility of His Avatarhood, and it was an agonizing experience. So, He'd be found with a kerchief tied round His forehead to hide the wound."


"That stone is still there, but it has become a prominent stone. Why? Because one lover from Andhra, after asking Beheram's permission to lock himself in there to meditate, stayed so long, making digging noises, that Beheram investigated, and the man had almost removed that stone; he said to Beheram . . . "If you don't mind I'd like to take it to Andhra State!" Beheram naturally refused; and not being a mason, did not get the stone back level with the floor. I tell this story because someone in the first group asked if Baba had a purpose in raising that stone!"


More laughter.


Adi: "The Avatar is always one, no matter whether He is embodied or not embodied. Physical eyes can not see Him." He read "Ever the Avatar."* After Adi spoke, Mani played a tape of Craig San Roque reciting his poem: —


Hello January 31


Your body has borne the game for how long now?

You've opened the door of the universe and

stepped out. It's time.


You've taken the doll out of our hands a great wrench to our hearts,

and you have unlocked the torrent.


Borne unawares out to sea in a paper ship, it is now the ocean we face.


Lured by sweets and promise of a kiss, your arms around us finally to

secure us, perhaps in your

own home city.


All ways you cheat so perfectly.

All ways you change the rules, All ways you always win.


A cobra has passed through the room swiftly and silent.


Your work as God-man has broken your body.

Your life has been one long crucifixion;


The first nail was Babajan's kiss and the second Upasni's stone


Into your side has sunk the thorns of how many lovers. You have


*See page 24


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