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Highlights of Darshan II

from the tapes of Sheila Krynski, transcribed by Bea Muller


April 25, Eruch: "This is the seat in Guruprasad in which Baba gave darshan to thousands of his lovers coming from different parts of the world. This is the spot where his family would come day by day and drink deep of his love . . . We have come back to the very same spot where he was seated, to bow down to him in our hearts."


"Every summer for three months, April May and June, Baba would come here to Guruprasad and give darshan. Then in seclusion he would sit on the chair (in the bedroom) and work . . . so strenuously that after he completed the work of two, three or four hours, he would be drenched in perspiration. He would clap and call us.


"We would dry his body, make him wear a new set of clothes, and then he would walk back to Mandali Hall. We would sit there and he would tell us to stand up and recite the Master's Prayer and he would stand up and join us. He told us once last year his joining us in the Master's Prayer had great significance, because, after He dropped the body, all who recited the Prayer would benefit. That is why we attach great significance to it.


"After that, he would be with the men Mandali, sometimes in a humorous mood, and would make us laugh, and then he would ask us to entertain him. It was difficult; it's no joke to make God laugh, because in each Advent the God-Man comes on earth to suffer. Somehow or other in his infinite compassion, he would give us a broad smile, he would laugh silently. After that, he would ask us if there were any reports from across the ocean, or from India, or elsewhere; he would be so proudly happy about his workers, calling them his soldiers working in his cause. He would point to his forehead and gesture, 'How fortunate they all are. They don't know what they do . . . yet they are doing the work that is their share. ' Then he'd say, 'Now we are finished with the real news, let us have some bogus news!' And we'd read just the headlines of the newspapers to him . . . "


After relating how an Indian living in Hong Kong who met the first group of darshaners returning home became inspired to come for darshan himself this second week, Eruch said: "These little things, these little drops of Baba-love that enter our hearts—draw other hearts to Baba. Each one of you, when you come over here to Baba, shoulders a great responsibility to take the love of Baba with you in your heart and share it with others."


April 26th, Adi reads the message:


"Ever The Avatar"


Faith is tested by the depth of sorrow and love is tested by the height of separation. Both are equally poignant. Our individual suffering is insignificant compared to what our beloved Meher Baba suffered for us all. Let each one of us suffer, which we do after all, each for himself or herself.


In suffering is found the joy of life, and in joy of suffering is found the bliss of existence.


If, after Meher Baba has dropped His body, we feel that our lives are meaningless, such a feeling should not be there, because it would mean that the meaning to our lives given to us by Baba during His lifetime had no meaning. But such is not the case, since we did look upon our lives as full of meaning during the lifetime of Baba. Therefore our feeling of emptiness and hollowness, after Baba dropped His body, should be groundless and illogical.


With the body, Baba was the Life as Meher Baba in Himself and Existence as the Avatar in all. Without the body, He is the Existence as Meher Baba in Himself and Life as the Avatar in all. Avatar Meher Baba is not gone. He ever is and will ever be. He has only changed His position from an individual life and an universal existence to an individual existence and an universal life. In His present status He should be more in our thoughts and feelings, separated as we are from the vision of His body which He dropped. He should therefore be closer to us than ever. In His closeness to us lies our great opportunity of making Him and His unseen Presence in our lives.


Baba 'said,' "Believe that I am the Ancient One. Do not doubt for a moment. There is no possibility of my being any-


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