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could be written, especially regarding the potentialities and repercussions of emotions both high and low.


For example, if, due to love for his Master, a man happens to see what appears to him as the halo of the Master, it is not actually the halo, but a part of his own aura as temporarily reflected by the effulgence of that halo — whether that of an Illuminated One or of a Perfect Master.


All illusory phenomena, gross, subtle and mental, are not only dream-stuff, but everything termed in the table as "False-illusion" is made up of dream-into-dream stuff, which has no value at all, unless it helps man to awaken to Reality.


God is the only Reality , and all else is illusion. The whole of the gross universe is but part of the huge Cosmic Illusion, containing higher illusions of the Spiritual Planes of man's consciousness.



 "100% Clear"

12 October 1968

Dear ______


I saw Beloved Baba at Meherazad, a small house near Ahmednagar, on Wednesday. It was only to be for ten minutes, without physical contact with Baba, but it turned out to be twenty or thirty, and Baba embraced me twice. It was truly like meeting myself.


There were no fireworks or fanfare — it was simple, quiet and clear.


Beloved Baba directed me to return as quickly and practically as possible to the U.S., to have no more to do with drugs, to have no lustful actions and to present my objections to the Army but NOT to go to jail over them.*


Baba's smile is TOTAL and His presence is 100% CLEAR.


Baba "told" me (there were several of the mandali present and one read Baba's gestures) "I have called you here and I am glad you have come. Are you glad too?" He said it would be another five months before He permitted people to come to Him and that I was very fortunate to be with Him. He said that He wanted me to SEE Him, as He really IS and that the instructions he gave me were to give me an opportunity to obey Him and thus, win His Grace to see Him as He really IS — not this physical body".


Baba asked me if I had read God Speaks and said I should read it again — all of it. He told me He would be with me and I should not be afraid — that I should tell everyone of His Message of Love and Truth.

—Jerry Paulsen

* Jerry is a C. O. — ed.


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