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Q: What Is God?


A: What is not God? God is Existence infinite and eternal.

Everything is God.


Though everything in existence is nothing but God, the difference between Meher Baba and us human beings is that Meher Baba is simultaneously and continuously conscious of both his Godhood and manhood, we are conscious only of our manhood.


Q: Is Not This Stall In The International Tourist Fair ( Bombay) Propaganda For Meher Baba.


A: On the contrary, his followers are lovingly obliging those who have not yet heard about Meher Baba by spending their own money to give out the proper information about him and his Work — so that the children of the present generation do not blame Meher Baba's followers for not having informed their parents of the Presence of the Avatar on the Earth.



by Francis Brabazon


The other day, according to the Hindu Calendar, was Guru's Day, which occurs once a year. Baba had all of us pray collectively to God to help us hold onto Baba to the end. Baba is not a Guru in the sense that He teaches us. He has said, "I have come not to teach but to Awaken." But He is our Guru in the sense that He takes over the direction of our lives. Thus he is at the same time our Personal Guru and AVATAR to the whole creation.


In the evening He sent for me to come to His room and among other things He said, “Your stay with Me so far has been entirely fruitful for Me, for you and your group." That 'your group' surprised me.


I had always felt since 1956 when you all* met Him, that there was no longer any 'group' but that each one was under this own steam'. But, the point that makes me happy is that 'somehow' my being with Baba has been of benefit to all, because I have always felt that the final fruit of anything He does for an individual will be when all enjoy it. Even when I have seen Him giving the blessings of His embrace to thousands, I have not been able not to think about the millions.' The answer, apparently, is that through the thousands He does touch the millions - and this touch is a preparation for when He breaks His silence and manifests His full Divinity.


The longer one is with Baba the more one realizes that the only solution to the condition of the world is a New Humanity; a humanity oriented to a completely different set of values than that which humanity has now; a humanity oriented with ‘new ears for music', this new music of 'love God and each other as oneself; ' an end of the piggish separateness of


*the Australian Sufis - Ed.


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