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"Just had a note from Rick Chapman (in India) that he will be arriving U.S.A. by the end of the first week in May. He has Baba's order to talk publicly about Baba in general — radio, etc. In a message through Eruch to Rick, Baba conveyed again that NOW was the time to go all out" in proclaiming the Truth of Baba as God in human form to the Americans and that the time of His Manifestation is very near and that there will be absolutely no need to proclaim His Truth after Baba's Manifestation, since then it will be abundantly clear WHO HE IS . .”

— from a letter from Fredella Winterfeldt, April, 1967



"Aloba received from Iran a special edition of a newspaper (in English) giving solely the EXPO 67 information with all the interesting details. We had no idea it was such a tremendous project, it is simply, utterly fabulous. And in this ocean of illusory grandeur will be the drop of Reality in the form of Baba's Universal Message on the bookshelf in the Indian pavilion ... the Drop that swallows the ocean ..."

— from a letter from Mani, Baba's sister



"Dear Brother/Sister,― Avatar Meher Baba directs me to inform all His followers, lovers and workers that He will not attend to any correspondence other than emergency telegrams and cables, and very important letters concerning Baba work directly, and none should write anymore letters to me here or to members of the mandali resident with Him regarding their personal affairs or the affairs of others."

— from a letter from Adi K. Irani, disciple
and secretary, Avatar Meher Baba




"Births and deaths are illusory phenomena.
One really dies when one is born to live as God,
the Eternal, who is beyond both birth and death."
— Meher Baba on His 73rd Birthday




Dear Phyllis,


Enclosed is a copy of exchange of telegrams between Kovvur (West Godavri District Andhra Pradesh) and Meherazad, sent to you for publication in "The Awakener."


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