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A cruel, cruel, cruel thing -
Breaking stone, breaking stone!
Why can't we leave the poor, dumb thing
As we would be - alone?
And yet, perhaps lament is vain -
Perhaps, if left alone,
Man would remain forever man,
And stone forever stone.
— Malcolm Schloss





Meher Year 72



When the Beloved, loving beauty,
laid out the Garden of Creation,
You were the fairest flower that bloomed;
and still today that is your blessed station.
The rest of us are border patterns
enclosing, setting off your Rose
A carpet for the Beloved's feet
when he enjoys your fragrance at day-close.
His glance is only for your beauty,
and by it your joy is complete;
But we, although un-noticed, have
the gladness of the impress of His feet.
—Francis Brabazon


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