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A few of these precious letters with addresses and dates and signed by Baba, with one or two from Chanji written by Baba's wish, (without Baba's order no one of the Eastern or Western group corresponded) will enable you to follow Baba's movements. More important is to feel Baba's Infinite love that went forth with these communications spanning the bridge of time and distance.


Chanji's letters may seem at this later period to lean towards slight exaggeration in recounting what he witnessed in the U.S.A. and lean, at moments of spiritual enthusiasm, towards sentiment. Yet they were to us, in the early years of which I write, of great value. Their simplicity, complete devotion and unselfish love for Baba breathed through every line and played their part, as indeed Baba intended they should, in bringing our hearts and minds day by day closer to Baba in love.


Kontinantal Oteli
October 7th, 1931

Dear Kitty,


We arrived here yesterday noon, after passing through France, Italy, Serbia and Bulgaria all the last four days.


We had a pleasant journey. I have you always in mind and know that you can never forget me.


Baba is with you and in you, dear Kitty!


I am everywhere and want nothing but love. I know how much spiritually you love me.


Ali remembers you always and asks me to let you know he has your fountain pen. He sends you his loving regards.


We will meet in December; till then good-bye!


With love


Hotel Continental Istanbul
October 24th, 1931


Dear Kitty,


Received all your letters and Zilla's too and also the ones enclosed by you.


I know what deep feeling of love you have for me.


I am the source of all love and am ever present in your heart. I have replied to dear Zilla. You have no idea how deeply I love Herbert.


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