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glimpses of Meherazad, but the memory of these eleven days were imprinted indelibly on our minds and hearts.


*  *  *





there is no word
more beautiful when from my heart
I call Thee all my own.
When in day-dreams
Thy blessed form doth rise
before my eyes in brilliant light,
'Tis Thou who kindled
in my heart this flame
and set ablaze this
all-consuming torch to purify.
Oh, my Beloved,
  hold Thou my heart
in Thy safe keeping, locked
from the outside world.



*"Kemali" (Great One) was the special name given to Nonny Gayley by Meher Baba. Though petite in stature her love was her strength; nothing asked of her by her beloved Baba was ever too much for her to do. It can be truly said that from the day she met Baba in September 1933 till she died in 1939 she loved and lived for Baba.


Nonny was among the first of Baba's American followers, and was one of the fifteen Westerners chosen to stay in the Nasik ashram from December 1936 to July 1937. In February 1938 Nonny rejoined Baba at Meherabad.


Nonny was not a writer by profession; these verses written during the first "Blue Bus Tour" were simply the outpouring of her love. While in Bangalore, Nonny suffered a heart attack and passed away on October 14, 1939. And when her beloved Baba closed her eyes, His "Kemali" attained mukti. Those who visit Meherabad Hill will find a tomb simply marked: "Baba's Lover—Nonny."




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