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We pass on now to the middle of May. New plans were afoot. There were many extra meetings and discussions in which all were asked to participate. Talks on spiritual subjects ceased and practical plans for the future took their place. For one, plans for the coming monsoon had to be faced.


It is interesting to follow the various steps, ideas and train of thought involved in a choice and decision which Baba from the outset must have known, and could have in one sentence decided. But now, the decision took three whole days!


All were brought in to the "planning,” — all had to participate in the final choice and yet it is very clear how even so Baba brings the choice around to his wish. All eventually disperse to their various destinations when and where he dictates.


I recall at one of these meetings, when all were asked to cast their vote, that Baba remarked, "The reactions are satisfactory. Elizabeth is either dead or has attained perfection, as she does not seem to have reacted in any way!" Baba is never without humor especially if he be talking with Margaret or Elizabeth who abound in humor!


How far we individually were responsible for the early closing of the Nasik Ashram, none will ever know. We do know, however, Baba builds and Baba dissolves work done, then no matter who or what is involved, Baba and those concerned start moving elsewhere. Almost a game! Perhaps we unconsciously hastened our departure by giving Baba such an abundance of opportunities to work on us that his work came more quickly to an end!



Talk on Future Plans —May 11th, 1937


"There is always a struggle between spirit and flesh, and soul witnesses the struggle. If the spirit succumbs to flesh easily, without protesting, then there is no hope. If the spirit gives in after struggling there is hope. But if the spirit wins over the flesh, victory is eternal. But it is the struggle that gives perfection. So let us struggle now.


"I want you all to be honest and sincere to the highest degree in what you say now. Absolutely honest. Not say 'Yes' just to please me. There is a problem to be faced — one big problem.


"During the monsoon, conditions are almost impossible for traveling backwards and forwards between here and Meherabad. The river at Rahuri overflows. Once Rustom was almost swept away. As Indians cannot stand




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