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And looking here and there I thought —

    wouldn't it be nice If I didn't have to look at all;

But could just relax into a good conscious sleep and

    come back when the mood strikes, to enjoy some

    sleepwalking in the dream worlds of materiality —

Up in some heaven

    there is probably some place

    where some angels are being told today that somewhere

    there is a greater heaven of toils and troubles

Where God lives and suffers and

Where all good angels should go for salvation from

    the damnation of ages upon ages of angelhood.

But in so doing they will meet in the world of toils

    and troubles many hell-raisers who have come

    from the other side for salvation too —

All come and keep coming to answer the call.

You are our rare pearl, but to me you are

    my very own Jewel, who came from seven planes High,

To a shadow world, seven planes Low,

Just to say ‘I love you — '

How marvelous that my Beloved loves me so much,

You do look different from what I thought You would look like.

How You must have suffered making the journey

    through the shadow worlds.

It has altered Your appearance,

But I would recognize You anywhere;

Your Love is the same, it hasn't changed a bit.

It is no secret that I love You,

But we most drop all appearances;

Either You must find a way to me or I must find a way to You.

Separation is all right for those who can tolerate it,

But not being endowed with such strength or

    weakness, as it may be,

And being a jealous lover, who must steal away the Ocean

    with all its sweet nothings while a million come courting,

I take a brave stand, at the gate of Your form,

    wearing my rags of ignorance to tell You

    all sorts of stories to make Your bright eyes shine;

That we might at last embrace and become One

So that our love shall never ebb or flow but always be.

You are my soul's delight,

My own brightest light,

Where can You find another who complains

    so bitterly over one separation?

Happiness is a secret that escapes me.

I have searched my heart and know that

    separation is unhappiness.



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