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Although the Man-o-nash work is done fully and completely, and the result must and will definitely come one hundred percent to my satisfaction, I now give freedom to each and all who are connected with me, to choose what manner of life they henceforth wish to live. They are free either to live with me and obey my orders, or to live away from me and obey my orders; free either to lead the life I tell them to lead, or to lead their own lives in any way they please . . . that is, completely free from orders of any kind from me. This includes the "Arrangementwalas" . . . but, in their case, the only kind of freedom I cannot give them is freedom from the responsibility that they have shouldered to the end.


No matter what their choice, everyone will share when the Real Freedom comes . . . at any moment . . . by the Grace of God.


To sum up my Man-o-nash work:


  1. I feel in all truth that the four months' Man-o-nash work has been done by me, by the help of God, to my entire satisfaction.

  3. The result of this work must bear fruit, sooner or later, either in the immediate present, or some time later, or in the distant future.

  5. The result will bring Freedom to us all, in proportion to our merits of Love, Faith, and Service.

  7. This Freedom will be freedom from ignorance and will be the Knowledge that we always were, are, and will be, One with God.

  9. This Knowledge will make us realize and experience Infinite Love, Power, Bliss and Peace, which we always possessed, and knew not of.
Dictated by Baba at Pimpalgaon on February 6, 1952.



*        *       *


23rd DECEMBER, 1963




Through a chink in His rigorous seclusion we got the happy tidings that an “All Women's Day" was to be held at Meherazad to celebrate the birthday of Mehera—the Woman of all women—on the 23rd of December. The unexpected news sent a thrill through all concerned over here in India, but the tidings were accompanied by half a dozen “don’ts” as is quite usual with Baba. We were instructed not to bring our children, or any gifts for Mehera, etc. etc. As per Baba's orders, we were to leave Adi K. Irani's




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