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others are not.
One Mast, Dhondibai, always remained naked and used to roll in dust. He used to say, 'I cannot bear comfort!’ He suffered a lot and yet I did not shower My Grace on him. How then can I shower it on you who have not yet suffered anything in love?"


Baba ended by saying "I have explained a lot of things. Rumi says, Words have no meaning; become the man of Experience. And for that, become effaced—become dust at the feet of the Perfect Master."


Baba then signalled that it was time for us to leave. We could hardly believe that it was 4:30 p.m. We left Meherazad again by bus knowing full well that the real Meherazad is one's own heart and that Baba permanently resides in it.



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 (continued from Volume 9 Number 3 Page 36)


May 1, Poona:—Dr. Vinoo Kher, Professor of Physics and brother of Nana Kher, came from Amravati in the morning. Eruch told Baba that Vinoo delivered a nice speech before his colleagues at Amravati on the occasion of Baba's birthday, and he tried to explain Baba's status as the Highest of the High with the help of scientific reasoning. Baba asked Vinoo to read the summary of his speech the next morning. Baba said:


"The basis of the Creation is nothing but gas, for the first thing to have come out of Creation was gas; except gas, there is nothing and gas is also nothing. But the Nothing Is." Baba, explaining this further, said, "Nana has a peculiar nose; Mona is fair; Meherjee is here, but I say all this is nothing. What is your reply to this statement, Vinoo?"


Vinoo: "Till we experience this as Nothing, we presume it to be real."


Merwan: "Can we not use the simile of a dream to show this as Nothing?" Eruch: "But then people will say we feel and see this as real, so how can this be Nothing?"


Merwan: "That is exactly what happens in a dream."


Vinoo: If this is all nothing, people will say 'why should we do anything?'"


Baba: "No one does anything."




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