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This letter has given a correct perspective of Mehersthan. How fortunate and blessed we are daily and constantly to live and breathe Baba's presence, God's presence. Mehersthan which is Kailas Vaikunutha and everything. Bro. Krishna Rao is blessed as well as Baba's P.A. who dreamt of it in his life always. Really Ramalingeshwar Rao is blessed. A glorious History. Indeed Baba made Andhra Ramayana in which Kovvur is imprinted and we are all made important in God's History.


As ordered by Baba, I went to Bro Krishna Rao, and faithfully explained in Telegu to their couple and am and shall share it with all profitably as per Baba's orders forever.


I wrote because Baba ordered me to acknowledge. May this humble soul be the instrument of Baba to sing His Divine Flute! With love to all,



P.S.: Bro. Adi will pardon me to write on this letterhead, since we live from now and always           in Mehersthan. Bro. Adi will forward this to Bro. Eruch.



Meher Baba's Messages for the Opening of Mehersthan,

Kovvur, on 28th February, 1963


  1. Tear the curtain of set ceremonies and rituals and you will find that I am the Worshipped, the Worship and the Worshipper.

  3. To clothe simple worship with the garments of ceremony and ritual is to expose Me to the cold winds of ignorance.

  5. To faithfully love God-Man is to truly worship God.

  7. To find Me here in Mehersthan, search the depth of your heart.

  9. Mehersthan has been built for Me with love, but I may only be found here by My lover who brings Me here in his heart.

  11. As the heart is, so is the house: as the eye is, so is the Image within the house.

  13. The heart of men has always been the ancient temple for the worship of the Ancient One.

  15. Nothing can house the Ancient One that does not house love.

GOD IS FOR THOSE WHO ARE NOT FOR THEMSELVES—Cable sent by Baba on Installation Day.




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