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"Religion Must Go and God Must Come". . .


. . . Baba once said. In the following exchange of letters, published at His express wish, we can get a glimpse of His meaning.


                                                                                                                       P. Ramalingeshwar Rao
                                                                                                                       Sri Aurobindo Nivas
                                                                                                                       Kovvur 19. 1.63  


My Dear Brother Adi,


Pranama to Lotus Feet of Beloved.


For the unveiling of "Mehersthan," Beloved has favored eight Messages to be inscribed on "Mehersthan" and as well in the hearts of all Meher-lovers.


Our Andhra Meher Center met recently at Kovvur. The very first message which had to be translated into Telegu was interpreted in one way while I am under a different view. As this is one of the primary messages, it is my earnest prayer to Beloved Avatar that it should be clarified, as we who are near "Mehersthan" should ourselves know the correct view what Avatar meant for us. This letter is a faithful question by a beloved of Baba to his sweet Beloved as it should be clarified to one and all.


Baba said: "Tear the curtain of set ceremonies and rituals and you will find that I am the Worshipped, the Worship and the Worshipper."


It is mostly the chief opinion of most of our lovers that rituals should be totally avoided and that Baba means it so.


I am totally unable to agree with the above friends of mine. I for myself do not feel that it is the wish and intention of Avatar.


Holding the above firm view, some expressed that no Vedic ceremony will be followed for unveiling ceremony. I do not know whether it is the order of Baba that Vedic rites are not necessary at the installation.


Vedas are the creation of the Avatar Baba Himself. It is in the Vedas that we have to study our religion. The authority of the Vedas, you will agree, is for all time to come, as they are His own creation.


Rituals are the kindergarten of religion. They are absolutely necessary for the world as it is now; only we shall have to give people newer and




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