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(3)   Be honest. Honesty demands that you deceive no one, give no false hope or empty              promise.

(4)  Try your very best not to hurt the feelings of others, but not to the extent of doing any             lustful action.


"Those who have not surrendered to me or who cannot do so, but would nevertheless like to obey me, should consider the last three injunctions as orders to them."


In conclusion, Baba exhorted all those present to take the decisive step of resolving here and now that they would try 100% to obey Him for these six months and that, while embracing Him silently, they would concentrate on that resolve, remaining faithful to it.


With these words Baba embraced each, reminding them before His embrace to concentrate forcefully upon their resolve.





Dictated by Baba* and first recited on September 17, 1954


In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost,

O Lord, hear my prayer and let my cry come unto Thee!


Thou Who art the God of the Gods, the Father Almighty, art the Father Everlasting!

O God, Almighty Father, the Lord of Lords! The King of Kings!

All the earth doth worship Thee!

To Thee all angels, to Thee the heavens and all powers,

To Thee all saints and all beings with unceasing voice do cry:

The Holy! The Holy of Holies!


Full are the heavens and the earth of the majesty of Thy glory,

Thou the glorious! Thou the exalted Effulgence;

Thou the praiseworthy in the assemblage of the Prophets;

Thou the celestial Beauty, art the eternal Song of Thy lovers.


Thou Who art acknowledged, praised and worshipped throughout the world,

In all churches, synagogues, mosques, temples and pagodas—

To Thee I most humbly bow down.

Thou of unbounded majesty, art the Father of the creation;

Thy true, adorable and only begotten Son, the Christ, is the King of Glory,

the Saviour of mankind, the Ancient One, the Highest of the High!


O Christ! The Messiah! Thou of the Father Everlasting art the Son Everlasting!

Thou, O most merciful Lord, hath taken upon Thee to deliver men from bondage to eternal     glory;

O The Ancient One! The Redeemer! Thou, having first overcome the sting of ignorance,

Didst open to all the kingdom of Bliss, Knowledge, and Power!


I most humbly praise Thee, O My God!

I most firmly acknowledge Thee, O My God!

O My Soul of souls, I believe in Thee, because Thou art Truth itself.

I worship Thee, O Highest of the High, because Thou art the Only One worthy of adoration.

I love Thee above all things and beings, because Thou art Love Divine itself.


I beseech Thee, because Thou art Mercy itself!

I offer Thee all my thoughts, words and actions, my sufferings and joys, because Thou art     the Only Beloved.


I therefore beseech Thee, my God, my Lord of Lords, the Highest of the High, the Ancient     One,

To have mercy on me according to Thy unbounded mercy, and let my cry come unto Thee!

O My Beloved! Suffer me not to be separated from Thee for ever and ever!




flower decal


Soon will come the holy day
When Christ incarnate makes His way
Into our hearts where He will stay
Awakening the pain that now we bear
Into beauty for all to share.
—James Mehl


*The original Awakener Magazine had this wrong: Baba did not dictate the Christian Prayer.


In a  letter dated 30 Nov 1966 from Adi K. Irani to an Australian woman, Meryl Baulch, inquiring about the Christian Prayer, which a minister had informed her seemed to be based on the Georgian Latin chant Te Deum, Adi writes:

  "Regards the Christian Prayer" recited [by Eruch] on 17 Sept 1954, it was not dictated by Meher Baba. It was prepared and recited by the mandali in presence of Baba and as such the wording "dictated by Baba" which has somehow come in print is wrong and misleading. I am taking precautions to avoid repletion of such an erroneous presentation.
      "Christian Prayer" is an adaptation from Christian prayers. Paragraphs from certain prayers were selected and words and lines added to these paragraphs by mandali to suit the requirement of a certain occasion. Baba told different mandali members to recite the prepared prayers. Accordingly, "Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu and Zoroastrian Prayers" were recited for the occasion in presence of Baba. The adapted Christian Prayer was kept in [the] record as it was recited again on two or three occasions and was liked by Baba." - from a note to webmaster JK on April 30, 2010 from David Fenster who has a copy of Adi's letter.




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