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And God again took birth
Into this world He holds upon His Palm.
His Word unto the earth
Shall rise to Him as Man's dear grateful Psalm.
—Francis Brabazon



In one hand

I bring to Thee, Beloved

My head, and place it

At Thy Feet divine.


Let their touch

Reduce it to the dust

It really is—then

Tread thereon, Beloved.


In the other hand, I bring

My heart—Thy holy trust—

For final immersion

In the Ocean

Of Thy Heart of Love Divine

From whence it took its birth.


And thus to finish up

This game of "hide-and-seek"

This dream of "Thee-and me"

That has long baffled me

But shall no more.


Heart has come home to Heart

When head has turned to dust

At the Beloved's feet—

Its proper place!





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