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of many who, at different times, actually get the pearls, one swims back up to the surface with the pearl in his hand; the others, through overwhelming delight, stay on the ocean bed holding the pearl. Out of many who return to the surface, one comes back to the shore and shows the pearl to others, and can make another also the possessor of it. This one who so returns is the Qutub or Perfect Master.


"But the Avatar or God-Man is the Qutub al Aktab—the Qutub of Qutubs—and can give possession of the pearl to any number he likes. The Qutub is perfect Perfection, but circumscribed by his Office in regard to his help to men. Avatar is beyond limits of function; his power and the effects of his power are boundless. The absolute Perfection of Avatar and Qutub is the same—the difference between them is in the scope of their functioning. One is limited; the other is unlimited."

—December 9, 1959

A Prayer for Baba's Lovers and Mandali

"Beloved God, help us all to love Thee more and more, and more and more and still yet more, till we become worthy of Union with Thee; and help us all to hold fast to Baba's daaman till the very end."


—August 25, 1959



"When the tongue is silent, the mind speaks;
When the mind is silent, the heart sings;
When the heart stops singing, Soul begins to experience its
       original Self.
In deep sleep tongue, mind and heart are silent
And one is unconscious.
If one can go into deep sleep and remain awake
One has it: one becomes what one originally was
       and eternally is—GOD."
—October 7, 1959




"A life of prayer is ever-essential. Atman (Soul) can be obtained only through the Atman (Soul) itself, which is the object of prayer, the desire and the fulfillment."


"If I do not destroy the mind, man cannot reach the Goal."




"Why is it so impossible to find God? It is because you are looking for something you have never lost."

—August, 1959


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