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This cosmic-conscious experience is so different from all that it cannot be compared to any. It can only be known and understood when you have gone through it yourself and felt it in your very soul.


I, a poor and humble wanderer, have accidentally stumbled into Your city, so now , in the name of Heaven, have pity on me, and give me another of Your sweet and benign glances.


One experience of this kind very often convinces a man, and shows him the real difference between Reality and unreality, spirit and matter, truth and its opposite, and thereafter he views life through a clear perspective; and so nothing short of this real experience ever afterwards satisfies him; for now he has learned to give true evaluation to things according to their bearing upon the real, universal and eternal ideas.









The Awakener, Vol. VI No. 2



Please read:
Instead of:
6 2 2 Cricketers Cricketeers
7 P.S. footnote They won some of theCounty matches They won!
9 3 4 Shantadevi Shandadevi
9 2 1 Jim Mistry Jim Meester
20 4 3 Lonavala Lonadala
29 4 5 Ki Jai Ki Ji
34 6 3 Stay With God Stay with God
36 2 8 vision version




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