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We are indebted for the following collection to Ramjoo Abdulla in his book "Shri Meher Baba, His Philosophy and Teachings.” *



Q. When were you put to school?


A. When five years old.


Q. In which subjects did you take great interest?


A. All except arithmetic.


Q. Was your memory very sound?


A. And sharp, too.


Q. Were you ever superstitious?


A. Yes, about cats, at an early age, because of my grandmother.


Q. Among historical characters and poets who were your heroes?


A. Hafiz (of Persia).


Q. Were you proud of being an Indian?


A. Proud of being liked by all.


Q. For your present position, do you owe any obligation to your teachers and college professors?


A. What connection has education with Truth?


Q. Did you visit any saints before coming into contact with Hazrat Babajan (of Poona)?


A. Had not even an idea about it then.


*Reprinted by Special Permission.




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