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  • "Ages and ages ago, I did perform one great miracle and the whole of this illusion of creation came from me. I will perform another such miracle at the time when I break my silence. That will be my first and last miracle in my present incarnation. Expect no other miracle from me.
—Sahavas, November, 1955



  • "The time is rapidly approaching when a tidal wave will rise in the ocean of grace. Then the usual process by which the water in the rivers flows into the oceans will be reversed and the ocean water will rush through the river beds. Be prepared to receive this overflow of grace."


—Sahavas, November, 1955



  • "The silence which I have been observing for the past thirty-one years is a call from the silence of unfathomable Divinity. Invite that Divinity into your hearts so that you may become permanently established in the immortality of universal life ... (My) silence … is not intended to veil my Truth but to manifest it."
—"Life at Its Best,” 1956




Peter Pauper Press, 86 pp. with Baba photo and chart, $1.50.


Many readers of Meher Baba must feel at times like Byron when he complained of Coleridge, "I wish he would explain his explanation." In this new work, Meher Baba has, by means of sign symbols, dictated answers to questions asked him about "God Speaks." These answers appear in "Beams" as thirteen independent (though overlapping) short essays, with the more difficult ones toward the end. The format is attractive, and Dr. Deshmukh’s writing is, on the whole, clear, and retains the typical vigor of Baba's figurative language and frequent example.


One need not have read "God speaks" in order to understand this new work, since the explanations are set in a full enough context for even a new reader to follow them. However, the old student of Baba's works will appreciate it more fully, finding not only new insights into the Master's teachings, but some altogether new points un the spiritual life.


For example, in the diverse chapter on "The Fabric of the Universe," clarification is given of the state of the subtle-conscious soul. “The subtle-conscious soul generally does not come back to the gross world. This does




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