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          50:  Likelihood of travels up to 50. His biography will be written in the West.


51 to 52:  Some new projects for the welfare of humanity.


         53: His miracles will create enmity, but he wouldn't care, for he feels no enmity or                   ill feeling for anyone.


45 to 60: Great and well-known personages in the world will come to him. Will attain to great                   glory and accomplish great work.


61 to 63:  Splendid years. His great work for humanity will continue.


          64:  Critical year (danger to life).


65 to 78:  His good work would go on increasing, spreading far and wide. His personal                               activities as an Avataric Atma (incarnation) will cease.


         79:   Passing off of the great soul from its mortal coil.



To His Lovers


According to Meher Baba’s instructions, a group of Baba lovers from Bombay, Poona and Mandali members—about forty-seven in number—assembled in Guru Prasad, Poona, by 8 o'clock on the morning of 19th May, 1957. Later, on 2nd June, 1957, another group of lovers from Surat, Bajwa and Navsari was also allowed to be in the presence of Beloved Baba, at 8 in the morning at Botanical Gardens, Kirkee. The following is an account of these two meetings.


Baba, with his usual radiant smile and with a little assistance from two persons on both sides, walked slowly to the meeting hall. By this time he was using neither crutches nor sticks.


Baba inquired whether all had slept well the previous night. Those who did not sleep well were instructed not to doze during the session. He said, "As for me, I had no sleep, for I had to do some important spiritual work. From the time of the accident I have been suffering severe physical pains. Tell me, from my face, how you find me now." Most of the members replied that Beloved Baba's face appeared as smiling and cheerful as ever.


After a pause Baba continued, "You have been called here, but now it is a question for me why have I called you and what should I convey to you!" There was a ripple of laughter at this remark.




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