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after Baba had specially told Don no one should disturb Him after 6:00!


A few more private interviews (another romance was straightened out here at Meher Mount, as in Myrtle Beach), Baba and the mandali had their tea, and then just as the sun was setting over the glorious hills, Baba got into the station-wagon. He asked to be driven back the longer coast route and often made signs on the way of thoroughly enjoying the sparkling blue Pacific. Our bus arrived first at the hotel, and we waited until He came in. Our Last glimpse of Him was the adorable loving smile He gave us, just before He stepped into the elevator to retire for the night.


To be concluded in   Volume 6 Number 1 Page 18





God as God alone is not consciously man, and man as man alone is not consciously God. The God-man is consciously both God and man; Lord, in the state of helping all souls towards reality; Servant, as continuously bearing the burden of all. To serve Him who serves all is serving the universe.


Selfless service and love are twin divine qualities. Only the One who loves can serve.


Serve your Beloved God-man and you are serving your own Self in every other self. The service He expects is for your own spiritual benefit, but this service must be a spontaneous, willing, whole-hearted, unconditional and not expecting any reward. His service is an ordeal that tries body, mind and spirit; or else wherein would the perfection of serving lie if it were to be easy and at one's convenience? The body suffers, mind is tormented, but the spirit of the selfless server of the Master experiences the bliss of satisfaction."







As explained by Meher Baba at Rajahmundry, Andhra State
March, 1954


During Meher Baba's recent tour in Andhra State for Mass Darshan Programs, Baba repeatedly expressed His desire that He wanted a few hours to be spared exclusively to be with all His Andhra lovers who had worked in Andhra spreading His Message of Love.


Accordingly a meeting of all workers of Baba in Andhra State was fixed




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