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Above the tumult of the world
His Message pure and sweet—
The Voice of Baba calls us
To worship at His Feet.
From Heart to heart His Love goes forth,
From Soul to soul His Light,
From Mind to mind His Wisdom,
From Life to life His might.
His Beauty is a Flaming Sword,
A Beacon shining bright
That penetrates the clouds of self
To guide us through the night.
His Wordless Word a Challenge,
His Tenderness a flower,
That soften with compassion
The impact of His Power.
Above the tumult of the world,
His message sweet and clear:
"Come unto Me, my children,

Draw nigh and have no fear.

"Come unto Me, ye weary,
As birds unto the nest,
Drop at My Feet your burden
And find in Me your rest.
"Come unto Me, my loved ones,

And find in Me release.

Be still and know that I am God,
The Messenger of Peace.
"Be still and know that I am God.
Be done with doubt and strife,
I am the Resurrection,

I am Eternal Life.

"For I am He that cometh

And I am He that came,

The Crucified, the Glorified,
Eternally the same.

"Behold, My pierced hands and feet,

The thorns upon My Head!
And yet, again, I come to give

The sacred Wine and Bread.

And, once again, upon the Path
Which blessed Jesus trod,
I come to guide a sinful world
Back to the Heart of God"
Josephine Esther Ross




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