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"What has Baba to say of this? He says, 'These miracles are performed by the people's love and faith. I don't know anything about it. The only incomparable miracle I will perform is when I speak. Precious to me is the love for Baba that prompts these miracles; but miracles in themselves are nothing. Even God's greatest 'miracle'—the Creation—is in the domain of illusion.'


"Incidentally, this man Ramdas has built a little Baba-temple on the hillock I mentioned and is preparing to wage a loving 'tug-of-war' with Baba till his love can draw Him to visit the temple, and the devoted ones of Hamirpur, once again . . .


"When Baba talks of THE Miracle and you say you feel the breaking of His Silence is not so far away, it makes me think of something Baba said very long ago. He said, 'I am like a LION—but at the moment a caged lion. Those who recognize Me feel the strength of My power but only in a small degree. When I speak, I will uncage Myself; and then you will know My Divine Strength!'"




Leave Room for The Master
We fail Him daily, hour by hour
Who ask His love, who ask His power
Yet leave so small, so small a space
To hold His miracle of grace.
We fill the tiny human heart
With much in which He has no part.
Surrender wholly and believe
Then when you ask, you will receive.
Jeanne Robert Foster




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