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And my individual spirit became One with this Divine Power, was One Light with Baba's Light, was conscious, seeing and realizing. I had got a glimpse of His Infinite State.


"Then I had to 'come down' again. Slowly I had to reduce this universal feeling into the narrow confines of my normal state of mind. I was again like a turtle in his shell, a poor little creature struggling on his way in life bound by his sanskaras, trying to understand and love his fellow-creatures. But there was a great change in me. I shall never forget this experience. I had been, at the same time, a turtle and the Buddha-Christ-Baba spirit riding on the back of a turtle. I am now a 'knowing turtle' because I have had a glimpse of Baba's Infinite State."


Capo Di Monte, Cannes

29th August, 1937


*  *  *



By CHOTA BABA                                      A 16-Year-Old Boy in the Meher Ashram


"I joined the Meher Ashram Institute on the 9th of August, 1927. For the first two and a half months, I stayed with the grown-up disciples of the Master and could not mix with the boys of the Meher Ashram proper. But, on the 25th of October, I was admitted into the Meher Ashram as a student. Besides secular instruction, spiritual instruction was imparted to boys by competent teachers, in accordance with the commands of Shri Meher Baba. From about the middle of November, the Holy Master Himself began to feed us on spiritual knowledge. Though we (boys) were not out of our teens, the Master instilled into our minds great spiritual facts of which even yogis of the fourth cosmic plane are unconscious, intellectually acquainting us more and more with the Path, and gradually went on imparting spirituality to those of us who were fit for it. One night, after delivering a spiritual scientific discourse, the Master said to me, 'Child, have faith and try your best; I will make "gold" of you.' These words of my beloved Master produced a great impression on my mind, quite out of proportion to what one would expect. The above words were surcharged with spirituality, and they made me restless . . . A great spiritual longing took possession of me and every moment of my waking state I said to myself, 'When will this dust of myself turn into gold?'


"A great revolution was effected in me. Boys and disciples wondered at my changed state. I myself wondered at it. Sound sleep I could not get, and




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